A ‘clutch’ of joeys bring joy.

We groaned with disappointment as we drove up the dirt track to our favourite tea spot, only to see a woman carrying her ‘picnic’ basket out of her 4WD and placing it heavily onto the rough wooden table. This was our spot. This was where we always had a tea break on our camping trip down south. This hidden lakeside spot was a long-forgotten and seldom-used bush site a long five kilometers from the back road that we always used. Miserably, we climbed out of our vehicle as they carried yet another ‘picnic’ basket and placed it on the ground beside the table.

Strangely, my husband called me over to them – and reluctantly, I went. What a surprise! Inside the ‘picnic’ basket, four of the cutest little joeys sat tucked up, heads poking out of their man-made ‘pouches’, as their wildlife carer, Adriayn fed them their bottled milk.  Up close and personal, their little ears twisted this way and that, sensitive noses twitching in all the new smells, as they rubbed the tiniest little black paws across their faces, as they waited their turn.

Short grey fur was beginning to cover their lithe bodies, and I could not have been happier to be unexpectedly sharing a picnic spot in the bush with a wildlife carer, taking her lunch break with her brood, as she made her weekly 250 kilometre mail run to outlying farming communities!

That’s life in the bush for you, with all its unexpected eccentricities!

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  1. Dawn – I may have lost my mind and most definitely my heart on the opening of that basket to see joeys tucked inside! I might have never wanted to leave. What an absolute treasure of an experience – and post.

    Thank you for your empathy.

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