The Avocado Parade


Two by two they marched
down the pathway,
hands clutching
their precious treasure
tightly before them.

Two by two they came
down the corridor,
avo-green leaves
like a parasole, softly
swaying overhead.

And still they came…

Two by two…

Without any fanfare
Without any applause
They took their avo trees
and placed them, ever
so carefully down,
at the Office doors.

Hearing the swish of the cavalcade of feet, the quiet giggles and shushing, I rushed to my classroom door to find students trooping past in an endless stream, transporting over a hundred avocado trees to the Office.  They were donated as part of a fundraiser and were being delivered to a central point for purchasers to collect.  What a wonderful picture they presented and I hope these words allow you to envisage the scene.


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  1. Wow–your poetic slice does paint a vivid picture! Love this line:

    “avo-green leaves
    like a parasole, softly
    swaying overhead”

    It adds to the reverence of the moment.

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